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Myth of Halcyon

The word halcyon comes from a story in Greek mythology about the halcyon bird, which had the power to calm the rough ocean waves every December so she could nest. Like those calm waters, halcyon has come to mean a sense of peace or tranquility.

The power of flight

The Halcyon Bird represent freedom and hope. The concept of helping individuals meet their identified goals can be the catalyst for new insights, mental shifts, and achievements. 

Applied knowledge

The therapeutic process works best when employed in daily practice. Building on sustainable insights that can ensure the individual experience their own Halcyon days. 


Our Process

Halcyon is an institute for mental health treatment, training, and integrated technology solutions to improve the wellness of our clients.

Interns/Clinicians-in-training and provisionally licensed practitioners learn and develop skills using immersive treatment modalities.


Full clinical assessment, treatment planning, and empirically validated treatment, when indicated.


Brief therapy aimed at addressing the need of the client.

Care Measured™ Screening

The Care Measured Tool is a proprietary algorithm with several internal logic decisions for brief non-complicated therapy.

Our clinicians are culturally responsive to the needs of those we serve.