Mariah Marbury, LMSW

Her Story:

Mariah Marbury received her undergraduate degree in Healthcare Management from Western Governors University in 2021. She went on to pursue her Master in Social Work degree – Clinical – at Howard University and graduates in May 2024. Mariah also holds a Project Management Institute certificate as a Discipline Agile Serum Master with over 10 years of diverse experience in healthcare. Mariah is currently a licensed psychotherapist serving the Southern Maryland community.

 Her Mission:

Throughout her extensive experience in healthcare administration, she has observed a persistent challenge in attaining and sustaining mental and physical well-being within her community. Her objective is to facilitate the connection between discovering and achieving one’s own unique definition of true wellness and overcoming address systemic barriers that hinder the change process. Her psychotherapy service aims to effectively facilitate and maintain the desired adjustments that each client earnestly aspires to accomplish in order to live the life they vision and desire.

 Her Promise:

She pledges to apply her expertise in mental health, cultural competence, socioeconomics, spiritual and physical well-being to offer clients comprehensive information and therapeutic interventions that will profoundly influence all facets of their lives. She further pledges to employ evidence-based therapeutic modalities within the change process combined with a holistic approach, to assist every client in achieving their goal of comprehensive well-being. Instead of relying on Band-Aids, together we aim for sustainable and quantifiable outcomes that will have a lasting impact.

Population: 13 +

Cost:  $105 for initial assessment & $85 per session without insurance